ingenoius and experienced

BIM means more than technology for us, it's the philosophy behind
how we design, manage, and coordinate architecture

The essence of Building Information Modelling (BIM), is to collaborate in order to  be able to design, build, operate & maintain a building in an optimal way. This can only be achieved, when all parties involved share their knowledge and information and make use of the centralised BIM-model. What you, as a client, will notice is that we will be able to have your building built faster, better and at a lower cost. When the keys are handed over to you, you may even get a 3D-model with a huge amount of information which can help you to operate the building with more flexibility and efficiency. 

That is why we design everything in BIM: we have experienced that it is the only way to get the optimal result for you!

inx_bim_02.jpgOur engagement for BIM is based on
expectations, reality, and necessity

The inefficiencies of designing in 2D, the many mistakes that are made on the construction site due to differences in the plans of the architect, the electrical engineer, the mechanical engineer and the construction company which is fixing clashes on site... they can all be avoided! Simple? No, truly working in BIM is not simple at all. But we know how to do it, and our clients know what it brings to them.

inx_bim_03.jpgIT and teamwork going hand in hand
from the very beginnings in our studio

We have  been using modern IT-techniques throughout our history at Studio IN-EX. Using Autocad and bespoke software add-ons in the nineties, until using modern 3D software nowadays. Our IT-landscape consists of Revit software, collaboration tools, clash control software and so on. IT helps us a lot and enables you as a client to almost on a daily basis see what we are doing for you...

inx_bim_04.jpgSolid hardware, and software architecture
based on Autodesk products support our work

We have standardised on software from Autodesk, primarily designing all disciplines in Revit. To colaborate with international clients and partners, we make use of our private cloud solution for sharing the model in real time, or we use the Autodesk 360-cloud solution. 



Our BIM-driven technologies support planning process

Working in BIM has many advantages. Avoiding clashes may be the most obvious, but we can also simulate the construction process (eliminating bottle necks), obtain exact quantities, simulate fires and escape plans, as well as natural and artificial lighting or wind. The 3D model is not just a virtual copy of the building, it is a living entity. That is why we love working in BIM!

BIM is much more than clash detection

Structural Analysis
Mechanical Analysis
Lighting Analysis
Energy Analysis
Fire Simulation

3D Coordination
Plan Processing (2D)
Design (3D)
Time Planning (4D)
Quantity Takeoff (5D)
Sustainability (6D)
Facility Mgmt. (7D)
Site Utilization
Digital Fabrication
Record Modeling
3D Laser scanning
Maintenance Sch.
Space Management
Demolition Planning