Quality Policy Statement


Being a prosperous designer company, Studio IN-EX Architects & Engineers Ltd. is a leading provider of integrated design and engineering services, as it independently designs buildings from residential houses to large business centers, from industrial properties to public buildings. Studio IN-EX’s strategic goal is to be, as a leading general designer with significant domestic and international relationships, a professional, up-to-date, user-oriented company with the ability to incorporate the latest architectural technologies, in harmony with sustainable development principles, and also with the continuous aim to create buildings of higher quality by improving its design and construction processes.

 Thanks to the intelligent 3D BIM (Building Information Modeling) method, the latest international technology also professionally adopted by us, we strive to gratify the existing and prospective needs of clients and building users at the highest standard to make and keep them satisfied.

 We combine latest architectural knowledge with technical experience, improve our services, competencies and methods consciously and systematically, according to clients’ expectations and always with one eye on the international trends. As an open-minded, honest, effective and straightforward company, our principle is that only the best quality is acceptable. This principle doesn’t just apply to our customers, but also for everything we do within our company, by creating shared values and providing optimal working and personal development conditions for our colleagues.

In accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 international standard, we have implemented the latest quality management system that is systematically measured and improved by recognition of customer needs and by cooperation of clients and third parties. We also give free vent to constructive and individual ideas that will be intentionally adapted to our processes.

 Studio IN-EX’s management is committed to building a company culture that gives high priority to quality and quality management, therefore encourages colleagues and partners to act quality consciously.


Budapest, 1 March 2016