About us


The company

Studio IN-EX was founded in 2010 by two experienced architects, Balázs Molnár and Péter Krámer, who have been working on design and engineering projects in Germany, The Middle East and Hungary. In 2015, Marc Schlaghecke, a Dutch entrepreneur, joined the company.

Studio IN-EX has been working closely together with companies such as Kontek BV (a Dutch consultancy), Werner Voss & Partner (a German architect) and various subcontractors in Hungary. In 2016, Studio IN-EX became partner in the international Ryder Alliance, working closely together on international projects with BIM Academy, a BIM-consultancy firm from the United Kingdom.

Studio IN-EX offers multi-disciplinary general design projects for primarily technical buildings like hospitals, factories, schools and office buildings. The studio currently employs over 60 architects, engineers and projectmanagers who all collaborate in BIM. The company just moved to its new office in Népliget Office Centre in Budapest.