Experienced architects and engineers in a 3D-world

A design studio with over 60 employees in all engineering disciplines, collaborating with partners and clients, specialised in using Building Information Modelling (BIM)!

We are Studio IN-EX: the design and engineering studio which collaborates with all design disciplines involved in one, centralised, Revit (3D design software) environment. This results in optimal quality, optimised cost and clash free designs which are easier, more cost effective and faster to be built. We focus primarily on the design and engineering of factories, hospitals, schools and offices, both in Hungary and abroad.

We are a proud partner in the Ryder Alliance. In close collaboration with our international colleagues, we always make sure we work according to the latest standards and technologies. Together we deliver state-of-art designs which ensure the optimal result for our clients!

What we do

Your idea (and budget) are our start, a new or extended building which meets your demands will be the end! Our experienced and multi-disciplinary design and engineering teams will translate your initial idea into 3D detailed design models, which can be used by the construction company. We can also survey the construction site, making sure the actual building meets the virtual one.
We have experience in the design of new and existing buildings (factories, hospitals, universities, commercial buildings, office buildings etc.) with budgets varying from €500k up to €400 Million.


How we work


BIM, Building Information Modelling, means designing in 3D. If all design disciplines work in the same IT environment, use the same techniques and collaborate to solve the most complicated design issues, the best end result will be delivered. At Studio IN-EX, that is precisely how it is done: we make sure that all design disciplines work in a centralised Revit-modell, which allows us to guarantee a clash-free detailed design. This way, the construction company can work faster, with higher quality and at a lower cost! The as-built model after the construction phase can also be used in the operation and maintenance of your building. 

Some of our projects